A downloadable game for Windows and Android


I made a video tutorial about using the cheat menu to playtest the game.  Find it right down this page.

Version 1.2: small quality-of-life improvements across the whole game - from movement, to camera, to progression (even added a new secret or two!).


This is the thesis version of Archipelago, consisting of 7 islands (one-week cycle) out of the 365-island, year-long cycle of the full game. I would love to read your impressions and learn from them, so please consider filling out the feedback form at the bottom of this page.


Archipelago has a cyclical structure, so you can't really finish the game; you can only be done with it. It also currently has ~2 hours of story content, spread across  ~30 short play sessions. In other words: I don't expect you to play everything. Even if you play for 10 minutes, I really, really value your feedback.

The game offers one level every real-world day; that's supposed to be the magic of the game - a slow, bite-sized experience. but this would make playtesting quite a chore, so to skip days: press ESC or open the Inventory (at any moment after the intro level) to open the cheat menu, and follow the instructions.

I also made a little video tutorial for playtesting:


Kindly give feedback here: https://forms.gle/nYF7ebhD3BwP4yLeA

Click here for a presskit;  and click here for my devlog.

Current Version: v.1.2


ArchipelagoThesisV1.2_PC.zip 69 MB
ArchipelagoThesisV1.2_Android.apk 60 MB