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For its 2018 edition, Print Screen Festival commissioned artists from around the world to create new short-form games following the annual theme of “Fakes and Fabrications”. The projects in this collection touch on the politics and aesthetics of fabrication - either as the metaphor, goal or challenge of playing them.

Evan Greenwood and Ben Rausch's The Third Dimension is a satire about educational games and the history of Apartheid in South Africa; Mischa Krempel's Hidden Files traces a major cover-up controversy that shocked Germany in 2011; and Studio Kachingos' Welcome to Stanistan is a satire of national PR campaigns in the age of Instagram.


Curator: Shalev Moran

Technical Director: Tomer Blushinski

Collection Designer: Gianluca Pandolfo

PSF Artistic Director: Lior Zalmanson

PSF Festival Director: Udi Edelman

PSF Producer: Shim Gil

**Due to interface limitations, BLUFF is only available for Windows**

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorShalev Moran
Made withUnity
Tagsartgame, Dark Humor, Experimental, Funny, satire
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


BLUFF for Windows (x64) 328 MB


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Nice! This is an excellent collection of well-made, challenging works. The Third Dimension is a funny, poignant riff on Look Around You, taking the concept of the original show into a much more direct, political direction. Hidden Files does a great job of making the user enjoy being complicit in terrible government acts. Welcome to Stanistan is visually fascinating - how does every photo come out so beautiful? Intriguing work deserving of wider attention.

Watch The Third Dimension by Evan Greenwood and Ben Rausch from lofislo on www.twitch.tv

is that you in the video? love it!